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Diplomatic and Official Passport
Diplomatic Passport issued to diplomats and other government officials for work-related international travel, and to accompanying dependents. Although most persons with diplomatic immunity carry diplomatic passports, having a diplomatic passport is not the equivalent of having diplomatic immunity. A grant of diplomatic status, a privilege of which is diplomatic immunity, has to come from the government of the country in relation to which diplomatic status is claimed. Also, having a diplomatic passport does not mean visa-free travel. A holder of a diplomatic passport must obtain a non-diplomatic visa when traveling to a country where he is not currently nor is going to be accredited as a diplomat, if visas are required to nationals of his country.

Meanwhile, Official Passport (Service Passport or Special Passport) issued to government employees for work-related international travel, and to accompanying dependents.

Diplomatic and Official Passport are issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia.

Diplomatic and consular relations between countries are regulated under Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic Relations 1961 and Vienna Conventions on Consular Relations 1963 respectively.

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