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National Symbols
State Emblem

The 1945 Constitution explains that the State Emblem of Indonesia is the Garuda Pancasila with the motto of "Unity in Diversity". The Garuda Pancasila song was composed by Sudharnoto as a compulsory song of the Indonesian struggle.

Garuda Pancasila Song Lyrics:
Garuda pancasila
Akulah pendukungmu
Patriot proklamasi
Sedia berkorban untukmu
Pancasila dasar Negara
Rakyat adil makmur sentosa
Pribadi bangsaku
Ayo maju maju
Ayo maju maju
Ayo maju maju

The Meaning of the Garuda Pancasila Emblem

The Garuda bird symbolizes strength. The golden color on the Garuda bird symbolizes glory. The shield in the middle symbolizes the defense of the Indonesian nation. Each symbol on the shield symbolizes each precept of the Pancasila, namely:

  • The Star symbolizes the principle of Belief in One Supreme God [1st precept]
  • The Chain symbolizes the principle of Just and Civilized Humanity [2nd precept].
  • The Banyan tree symbolizes the principle of The Unity of Indonesia [3rd precept].
  • The Bull's Head symbolizes the principle of Democracy that is Guided by the Inner Wisdom in the Unanimity Arising Out of Deliberations Amongst Representatives [4th precept].
  • The Rice and Cotton symbolize the principle of Social Justice for the Entire People of Indonesia [5th precept].
The Red and white colors symbolize the colors of the Indonesian national flag. The red color means courage and the white color means purity. The thick black line across the shield symbolizes the Indonesian territory traversed by the Equator Line.

The meaning of the number of feathers on the Garuda Bird

The total number of feathers symbolizes the date of the proclamation of Indonesian independence (17 August 1945):
  • The number of feathers on each wing totals 17;
  • The number of feathers on the tail totals 8;
  • The number of feathers below the shield / base of tail totals 19; and
  • The number of feathers on the neck totals 45.
The garuda bird clutches a scroll bearing the state motto of Indonesia, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, which means "unity in diversity, although different, yet one".

National Flag

A State that is independent is very proud to fly its State flag. Similarly, the Indonesian nation is proud to have the red and white colors as the colors of the flag of Indonesia. Red means courage. White means purity. This pride of the Indonesian nation is even stipulated in Article 35 of the 1945 Constitution, which states that the flag of the State of Indonesia is the Red and White.


Pancasila is a creed that Indonesia's first leader, President Sukarno, presented on June 1, 1945. To this day, it remains the philosophical basis of the Indonesian state.

Pancasila is based on two Sanskrit words: panca, or "five," and sila, which means "principles." It stands for the five inseparable and interrelated principles at the heart of Indonesia.
  1. Belief in the one and only God
  2. Just and civilized humanity
  3. The unity of Indonesia
  4. Democracy guided by the inner wisdom in the unanimity arising out of deliberations amongst representatives
  5. Social justice for the whole of the people of Indonesia

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