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23 september 2013 y.

The establishment “ASEAN ASTANA COMMITTEE” in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Plans to establish the ASEAN Committee in Third Country ( ACTC ) in Astana , Republic of Kazakhstan agreed by ambassadors of ASEAN countries in Astana , Republic of Kazakhstan , at the meeting which took place in Astana , September 23 , 2013. For this proposal , the Ambassador of the State ASEAN countries ( Indonesia, Malaysia , Thailand and Vietnam ) in Astana signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Secretary- General of ASEAN , HE . Tn . Le Luong Minh of Astana Contract Establishment of the ASEAN Committee , abbreviated as AAC.

The Ambassadors of ASEAN countries also agreed to appoint Ambassador as Chairman of AAC period from January to June , 2014 and as Vice Chairman is the Malaysian ambassador . Determination of the Chairman and Vice- Chairman of the ongoing rotation in alphabetical order of the country. For the period from September to December , 2013, which was a transitional period while waiting for the approval of the Foreign Ministers of ASEAN countries over the proposed formation of the AAC , will be used to make preparations for completeness and planning programs AAC 2014.

Ambassador Astana meeting when opening remarks said that the formation of the AAC is an important vehicle in order to voice the interests of ASEAN member countries and also as a means of promotion with ASEAN countries in Kazakhstan , and will soon be in line with the establishment of the ASEAN Community by 2015. To encourage the implementation of AAC , agreed to form a working Group ( working Group ) to prepare the agenda , work program and implementation decisions AAC .

Letter of agreement signing ceremony , which was initiated formation AAC Ambassador in Astana Astana was brief , followed by a group photo show and luncheon .

Astana , 23 September 2013

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