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21 july 2014 y.

Indonesia Win Gold and two Bronze at the International Physics Olympiad 45th in Astana

After going through a tough competition from 86 countries, Indonesia finally managed to get a gold medal presented by Josephine Moniqa, students of SMAK Sower Gading Serpong, Banten at the International Physics Olympiad (International Physics Olympiad / IPhO) 45th which took place on July 13 to 21 2014 in Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan. For the bronze medal produced by Muhammad Drestanto Dyasputro, students of SMAN 28 Jakarta, and Dheo Arokhim Yusufi Cahyo, students of SMAN SBBS from Sragen, Central Java. As a complement to these medals, two Honorable Mention awards given to Francis Yoga Esa Wibowo, students of SMAN 1 Yogyakarta, and Rizki Muhammad Hasan, a student of SMAN Plus Pekanbaru, Riau.

Ambassador Astana, Foster Gultom, after watching the awarding of medals and awards IPhO to 45, on Sunday, July 20, 2014, at the Palace of Accord "Pyramid", in Astana, expressing happiness over achievement Indonesian Physics Olympiad Team and get 3 medals two awards at the prestigious olympic arena. The success of this very encouraging students amid competition from East Asian countries and Europe, and Indonesia's achievement will be recognized by the education of Kazakhstan, Indonesia in 2013 after successfully obtaining a gold medal at the International Mathematical Olympiad, which took place in Almati, Kazakhstan.

The annual event International Physics Olympiad (International Physics Olympiad / IPhO) to 45 which lasted a week at Nazarbayev University followed 400 students. On the first and second stages of the test consisted of Theoretical Physics and Physics Experiments third day. In the fourth and fifth stages followed by correction by the jury and by the Trustees of the value of moderation. Each state usually sends its participants as much as 5 students, and there are first-time participants join Myanmar. Indonesian Physics Olympiad Team was represented by five students and all got medals and awards.

Difficulty Problem

Chairman of the Indonesian Physics Olympiad Team, Syamsu Rosid from the University of Indonesia, assessing the physical problems tested in the competition has a high difficulty level, so that not a few students who undergo this test for 5 hours to let the answer blank paper clean because they do not know what to work on and answer the questions like what.

In this physics race, questions were tested consisted of theory topics include mechanics, thermo physics, electrical-magnetic physics, inter-molecular, and gas discharge. The biggest topic is on thermo physics. While the matter of physics experiments typically consist of two questions, this time only consisted of one experimental tools with a total value of 20. Topics about the experiment is about the polarization of light. Stages of tests carried out in 2 waves. The first test was conducted Theoretical Physics on Tuesday, July 15, and the second is the test of Experimental Physics on Thursday, July 17. Each test lasted for 5 hours and both held at Nazarbayev University.

From the overall results IPhO 45th, Indonesia is at the level to 14 from 86 countries. There are 3 states that the five participants can win a gold medal that China, Taiwan, and Korea. In IPhO 44th 2013 in Helsinki, Denmark, Indonesia only get 4 (four) bronze medal. The team was led by Syamsu Rosid Indonesia (UI) and Kamsul Abraha (UGM), and accompanied by Rinto Anugraha (UGM) and Budhy Kurniawan (UI) and Yuliati Sri N (Directorate PSMA).

Astana, Kazakhstan July 21, 2014

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