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11 august 2014 y.

The 47th Anniversary of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN)

Diplomatic with stakeholders give an appreciation for the success of ASEAN to develop cooperation of its member countries as well as to the stability of the peace in the area. This view is inherent among the Kazakhstan diplomatic and government officials to attend the reception of the 47th Anniversary of the ASEAN at the Hilton Garden Inn, Astana, on 6 August 2014.

For the first time among the Kazakhstan diplomatic and government officials in Astana attend the ASEAN reception, which maintained together by the ambassadors of ASEAN countries in Astana, represented by Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. According to Ambassador RI Astana, this diplomatic reception ASEAN's 47th Anniversary is an implementation of one of the programs of ASEAN Committee in Astana (ACA), which officially stood at 1 April 2014, ACA concept was rolled out by Ambassador RI Astana in September 2013 and supported by the Ambassador of the ASEAN countries in Astana.

Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of both Asia-Pacific and Africa, Askar Musinov, in his speech at the reception for a birthday present secure 47th ASEAN and ASEAN can expect to prosper the member countries and developing Asia of peace, peace and progress. "The Government of Kazakhstan assess that ASEAN and its member countries is an important partner and to the increasingly led Kazakhstan with ASEAN relations in various fields", Askar Mussinov added that Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan will be visits to some of the member states at the end of August. ASEAN reception attended by around 150 invited guests also attended a variety of culinary flavors from ASEAN member countries and showing video clips of the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015 and the ASEAN tourism.

In order to commemorate the 47th Anniversary of ASEAN also organized a sports competition / tournament with the participation of ambassadors and diplomats from foreign embassies in Astana and the high office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan. Sporting activities are Bowling whice Organized by the Embassy of Vietnam in July 2014, Golf organized by the Embassy of Thailand on 2 August 2014 Table Tennis organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Astana on 7 August 2014 while Malaysia, as Head of ACA period Juli- December 2014 will organized the Tennis Tournament on 16 August 2014.

Introducing the ASEAN Community in 2015 has become one of the important activities of the ACA in Kazakhstan. Promotional activities as well as using the Diplomatic Reception Anniversary of ASEAN and sporting activities, there will be public lectures delivered by the ambassadors of ASEAN member countries in Astana in several universities in Kazakhstan and open ASEAN Corner at the National Library of Kazakhstan and the university library.

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