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18 august 2014 y.

Anniversary of the 69th of Indonesia Independence Day 2014.

The Embassy of Republic of Indonesia in Astana, dated August 17, 2014, 10:00 WS, begin on a ceremony commemorating the 69th Anniversary of Independence. The ceremony began with the hoisting of the flag carried by the sons and daughters of Indonesia, and continued with the reading of the text of the Proclamation, the Pancasila, the 1945 Constitution, the delivery of Inspector welcome ceremony and ends with a prayer.

Indonesian Ambassador to Astana in initiating speech RI 69th Anniversary of Independence render thanks to the presence of the Almighty God because on this day, in an atmosphere of simplicity to the bright air, the Indonesian community residing in Astana may carry warnings HUR RI 69th Indonesian Independence. Warning Independence Day this year marks the progress of the democratic nation of Indonesia, because in 2014 this has been ongoing parliamentary elections and elections of President and Vice President. The Ambassador also expressed the success of Indonesia's economic development, which has become one of the biggest economic powers of the 16th, and as the largest economic power in Southeast Asia. An increasing number of middle class Indonesia is Southeast Asia's largest and highest growth for the region. However, in some sectors, Indonesia still require hard work to overcome poverty and reduce infant mortality.

Against Indonesian bilateral relations with Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, Indonesia stated that the cooperation with these two countries has increased. Special cooperation between Indonesia and Kazakhstan have grown closer and closer, and the two heads of state have exchanged a state visit. Therefore, the main task for the staff of the Indonesian Embassy in Astana to follow up the results of the cooperation agreement reached when the President visited Kazakhstan. its also efforts to further boost trade relations between the two countries, which in the year 2012 to 2013 there has been a significant increase of the total trade of USD 57 million to 170 million USD. In January-July 2014, trade between the two countries according to the statistical Indonesia reached USD 14 million, and this number will increase again. In closing, the Ambassador expressed his appreciation to the staff of the Indonesian Embassy in Astana, Dharma Wanita, and the people of Indonesia and the Friends of Indonesia who have contributed the success of the relationship between Indonesia and Kazakhstan over the years.

69th Anniversary Ceremony of Indonesian independence took place in a simple and solemn, and was attended by the entire staff and family Embassy in Astana, the people of Indonesia and the participants grantee Dharma Students who have been a part of Friends of Indonesia in Kazakhstan.

After the ceremony, followed by cutting "Rice Tumpeng Independence Day", and sports competitions along with distribution of prizes to commemorate the 69th anniversary of Independence.

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